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 Translation traineeship non EU citizens

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PostSubject: Translation traineeship non EU citizens   Mon Jan 02, 2017 7:29 pm

Hi there! I'm new here. Well, I'm writing this topic to see if someone has any information.
I'm a non EU citizen (I come from South America) and I have been thinking about applying for the translation traineeship in the European Commission, so I wanted to know if someone has information about this traineeship in the case of people coming from other "continents" because I haven't found anything.
I've read that the translation traineeship has a different selection procedure compared with the administrative traineeships, and I guess that in the case of non EU citizens may also differ. I've also read that there are some vacancies for non EU citizens, but I'm not sure if that also applies for the the translation traineeship.
Has any non EU citizen applied for this traineeship? Can "we" apply for this traineeship or is it only for EU citizens? How was your experience? Which are the possibilities to get in? Which information do you think is important for people in this situation?

Any information will be valuable.
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Translation traineeship non EU citizens
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