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For all past, present and future stagiaires doing their internship in the European institutions
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 Career advice

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PostSubject: Career advice   Tue Nov 07, 2017 10:26 pm

Hello guys

I don't know if this is the right place where to ask this question but, I am approaching now the EU world, I am 30 and after 6 years of professional experience in Italy I want to change a bit my career finding a traineeship in the EU institutions or agencies.

I know that it is risky because it is very difficult to be hired after a traineeship here, but I don't want to lose the opportunity now that I am still not too old and I don't have a very stable life here.

It is a big downshift because here in Italy I gained a good experience and I have a mid-senior level and I could aim at good positions, but I really want to do this experience before being too "old". Now I have a good stable contract but it is not the kind of company where I want to stay for long time, so I would not regret too much quitting it.

Do you think it is a "wise" decision? You would do the same at my place? Do you think that, if I am not able to stay in Bruxelles because I don't want to get trapped in doing an internship after another, the experience could be a good value on my CV or just waste of time?

Thanks to everybody!
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Career advice
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