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 Social clubs in Brussels

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PostSubject: Social clubs in Brussels   Tue Aug 10, 2010 10:58 am

If you're lonely or want to go out for some crazy trip but have nobody who wants to join you or no way of transportation there are many nice social clubs in Brussels that you can join. I am member to all of them and sometimes join them for interesting activities - like hiking in the mountains, canoeing, witches festival in some tiny little village where you walk through the woods at night, theatre plays in a castle somewhere in the middle of nowhere...

Here the list:

* A Club Brussels -
My favorite club, they organise a lot of sports activities, like hiking, bike trips, skiing trips etc.

* French speaking table -
Once a month there is a meeting in a restaurant, also some sports, bike tours, camping etc.

* Meetup groups:
Brussels Dining Out (BDO):
Brussels Get Together:
They organise different kinds of activities, for example now I saw that there is a trip to the Netherlands for the mussels festival where you can eat a whole pile of mussels for 2 Euros and there's a fireworks show afterwards

I don't really know what it is, but I know that many former stagiaires are members and they say it's really worth it!!!

If I remember something else i'll let you know Smile
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Social clubs in Brussels
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