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 Do I need to finish my degree?

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PostSubject: Do I need to finish my degree?   Mon Aug 22, 2011 10:08 pm


I am currently filling out the form to applicate for a traineeship. I am studying Political Science in Barcelona; this year I did the thirth course, so I have not finished my degree yet.

The point 2.2.1 of the Rules says clearly that "candidates must have completed the first cycle of a higher education course (university education) and obtained a full degree or its equivalent by the closing date for applications". Nevertheless, the Studies and Skills section of the form (3.A Completed Studies) states that "you must hold a university degree/diploma on the date of application". I would like to ask if this sentence means that I can not applicate, or if the words "degree/diploma" are used in a wide way, including documents that proof that I have passed the first cycle of my studies.

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Do I need to finish my degree?
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