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Power in Numbers

on Thu Dec 08, 2011 9:16 pm
I think the data that is shared on this site is very useful for getting an idea of what is going on with lobbying, but this community will benefit if we organize it a bit. In an effort to find power in numbers, I'm taking a note from a group I previously belonged to during a different complicated hiring process.

I've created two google forms to collect data. The data is anonymous, and the surveys attempt to preserve the integrity of the competition while also adding a bit of transparency to the system of lobbying. There should't be any issues with giving others ideas of who to lobby to because, in the end, a response doesn't guarantee a good result for yourself or others. Besides, you should only be lobbying to units that fit your profile and motivations, anyway.

In the end, we should be able to compare experiences, figure out which units don't get trainees, and other practical matters. We should also be able to conclude which units don't respond to lobbying, which only respond with form responses, etc. We'll probably be able to make some additional generalizations, too.

It will take a while for the data to be large enough to draw any cross-cutting conclusions from, so the more you put in the higher quality it will be.

The first form simply collects information based on who is lobbying which units and directorates. That form lives here: Who did you lobby to? You can see the results here: Who did you lobby results

The second form specifically tracks which units are responsive to lobbying and what they typically have to say. You can also fill this one out if you heard from a unit but did not lobby. That form lives here: Who have you heard back from? You can see the results here: Heard back from results

And, in anticipation of mid-January, you can hopefully look forward to filling this one out: Selected! And seeing the results here: Selected results!

Love or hate this plan? Ideas or suggestions?

Known issues
- the order of the columns in some of the spreadsheets does not make sense. I'm not sure how to fix this as they seem to be locked because they are connected to a form.
- you cannot edit the spreadsheets. this is by design so that the quality and integrity of the data remains high. If you want to manipulate the data you may save your own copy of the file and have at it.
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Re: Power in Numbers

on Thu Dec 08, 2011 9:36 pm
I am just wondering: how is it possible to elaborate statistics based on data coming from 30 candidates that are active on this forum, when the total number of pre-selected candidates is more or less 2600?? Let the Traineeship Office do its job and do not worry that much. After all, you are not working for the Commission yet.
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Re: Power in Numbers

on Thu Dec 08, 2011 9:42 pm
You're absolutely right, we are a self selecting group and it will be impossible to know if this sample is representative. However, this effort merely consolidates the information that so many on this board are trying to share and find out about. For example, I found out that one unit is not getting any trainees. That is useful information to share but it gets messy in a forum like this, hard to track from week to week and year to year. In the past I've seen information like this become a go-to resource for understanding a specific aspect of recruitment, even if not completely. That is why I think some people, but obviously not all, will like this idea. Thanks for your input and suggestion, and welcome to the board!
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Re: Power in Numbers

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