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 LVI Immo - trustworthy renting company?

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PostSubject: LVI Immo - trustworthy renting company?   Wed Mar 28, 2012 6:18 pm


soon I am starting my traineeship in European Parliament. Of course I am looking for a flat in Brussels.

Today I have got offer on LVI Immo.

Did someone live in one of the buildings? Do you have more information about them?

It will be grateful for your help.

Take care!
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PostSubject: Re: LVI Immo - trustworthy renting company?   Sun Apr 01, 2012 6:38 am

Hi, I am about to start looking for accommodation and it happens that a close friend of mine recently had a very bad experience with LVI Immo. I also wrote about it at some other place in the forum because I saw that people are enquiring about them.

Basically, I do not have info about accommodation there, but as far as lviimmo booking is concerned (this is where it all starts in any case). They did not send my friend a contract until after they had received 700 euros as deposit! Did they do the same to you? Also, if you are obliged to cancel, as my friend unfortunately was, even 24 hours after the reservation, you are never going to get the deposit back, because of some ludicrous terms they have in their website. This means that if you send the deposit, they keep it all, no matter what the monthly rent is, even if you book the smallest room for 2 weeks! So, think twice about your choice...
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PostSubject: Re: LVI Immo - trustworthy renting company?   Thu Aug 02, 2012 1:06 pm

Well I live there now (4 months) and it's pretty good. I also paid the deposit (by bank transfer) before but I suppose it's usual to do like that to make sure they can keep the room until you get there , as it was full all the time (not in the summer, right now a few empty rooms). Not sure what happens if you cancel after you reserved a room but all I can say is that they are generally correct, and when you leave (as did some friends when the contract expired) they do give you back the deposit by bank as well.

At least the deposit is not 2-3 months rent like ome other places I had contacted, and the residence I am staying at (rue traversière) is really pleasant. Come visit me if you are looking for accommodation, i can even show you my room. This applies more specifically if you are female and pretty Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: LVI Immo - trustworthy renting company?   

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LVI Immo - trustworthy renting company?
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