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Be careful with Lvi Immo!!

on Mon Jul 09, 2012 6:44 pm
Hi everyone!

I write this post to advice everybody that goes to Brussels and is looking for housing. I'm from Spain and I have just to come back to make my placement. I was living in one of the residences of Lvi Immo, exactly Rue Traversiere Residence, and I want to share my opinion with us.

I was living in a single room, with a shared badroom and kitchen. The conditions of the entire residence are no so good, it's a old building and everything is old and dirty. The shared room it's downstairs, in the ground floor, and it suposse that there's a clean serviced included for it but it's always disgusting, I've just cooked there once or twice because it was in a very bad condition. About the shared badroom happened the same, incluyed broken shower.

The room wasn't so bad. New furniture but when I arrived it was really really dirty! More than the common spaces it was disgusting and the first day I was all the time cleaning it!

I want to finish my opinion speaking about the feed that you have to pay when you arrive. They are going to do EVERYTHING in order to DON'T GIVE YOU THE AMOUNT BACK. About me, they told me that I left my room dirty and they had to clean it (that completetly untrue), and they told me too that I had to pay an amount because I needed a technical for fix internet (that is always broken) and it's not included. So... Be careful with Lvi Immo because it's a FRAUD, comparated with the price that you have to pay.

Good placement!!!!
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Re: Be careful with Lvi Immo!!

on Thu Aug 02, 2012 12:41 pm
I am really surprised to read the above. I have been staying there for 4 months now (3rd floor), have a few friends who left and they had no problems whatsoever getting their deposits back in full.

Plus I love the place, contrary to what you write (everything old and dirty ??) the rooms look brand new, the colours are great, everything works, and also the internet, unlike the 2 previous places I stayed at for a few days. If there is a problem (it can happen just like anywhere I suppose) they are reactive and fix it. Sure the kitchen gets dirty but it's up to us guys, the users, to keep it clean. And the cleaning lady (a Polish woman) is coming once a week, I sometimes see her on saturdays. It's not her job to keep your room clean.

Seems to me (I saw your other post where you complained about the same stuff, did you create a profile just to compalin ?) ) you are more the exception than the rule. The place is nice, non smoking, quite a few other interns, super location 2' walk from botanique tram & metro, I am renting a small studio with private shower and small kitchenette but also using the communal kitchen if I want, and so far so good. The prices are also pretty good given all is included and there are absolutely no surprises, including for my friends who have left.
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Please, do not book with LVIIMMO- do not make your stage a nightmare

on Sat Oct 27, 2012 8:43 pm
In 2010 and 2011 uprisings swept across much of the Middle East in what is now referred to as the Arab Spring. This year, 2012, uprising is coming to 23 Rue Traversiere, Belgium.

Heating? A luxury. Running water? You're kidding. Electricity? Good one! Internet? Yet to arrive. Showers? Dirty pond.

If you are looking for a dirty, freezing squat to reside in for your semester abroad, internship or time in Brussels then you're at the right place. Just remember to pack portable internet satellite, wood (for bonfires to keep warm), an axe (there are a few trees nearby for firewood), a portable oven (to cook), a lock for your room, a shower (not necessary if you have leaks in your room), and pots (for leaks and to collect water from the nearest river).

Current residents of Rue Traversiere face daily violations of article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (right to be free from cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment). We stand firm against the dictatorship and daily violation of human rights we face, prospective residents are encouraged to look elsewhere.

The Rue Traversiere Spring is here.

From current revolutionaries
(From an internet cafe, of course)
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Re: Be careful with Lvi Immo!!

on Thu Nov 15, 2012 5:55 pm
Hello to everybody!!

I was living in this building recently and in another building (ru de la Poste) of this company as well, and I can assure that both LVIIMMO and their housing manager are working really good.

I rented a room for 13 month and there were no problems during my stay or with deposit, so that I highly recommend this firm and their services.

I guess, everything depends not on the company itself, but the people who live in the house. If you are trying to see probmems and complicate things even more then they are - you will never like a house nor the company and it doesn't metter in which part of the city you will live.

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Re: Be careful with Lvi Immo!!

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