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LVI IMMO (23 Rue Traversiere)- A non-ending nightmare

on Sun Oct 28, 2012 12:47 pm

This is the story of a real-estate agency (LVI IMMO) whose only aim was to make money out of the students/ interns without giving anything on exchange. The story of a greedy housing manager whose only purpose was to have the pockets filled with money. Finally, the story of buildings where proper human conditions are totally absence.

As long as there is no money to fill her pockets, our beloved housing manager does not come to face the problems. No worries, the day I leave the building (23, rue traversiere) she will be here to try to get as much from your deposit as possible. She will find the minimum sport of dirt in your wall to charge you.

It is the third house I live if Brussels. Normally, as it is normal, landlords treat buildings as business. In reality, it is what it is but in this case is quite exagerated.

Actually, we do not have hot water, nor heating, nor proper internet, common areas are cleaned once a month, the kitchen is disgusting.....Where is the housing manager??? is she here to face the problems??? No, she is not. She will probably say that if we would like a technician to come we should pay it ourselves (same happened with the internet).

Try to avoid this problems. Come visit a room prior to renting and avoid greedy landlords!

Wish you a nice stage in Brussels
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Re: LVI IMMO (23 Rue Traversiere)- A non-ending nightmare

on Mon Oct 29, 2012 10:07 pm
..Unfortunately, you are not the only one who thinks this way...
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Re: LVI IMMO (23 Rue Traversiere)- A non-ending nightmare

on Wed Nov 14, 2012 11:54 am
I also arrived there in september (after visiting the room !) and dont really understand what the fuss is all about. There was a problem with the hot water for 2 days in late october - I did talk to Bella (the housing manager) about it and she told me
- there was one week-end without heating as the company that does the automatic delivery for oil (?) came on monday morning instead of the week before
- some tenants tried to contact her on saturday night : she wasn't available (how many landlords are available 24/7 ?) but got the messages, so she checked immediately with the supplier to make sure they would come monday first thing (which they did)
- the kitchen : some creep is making things dirty or leaving a mess each time he gets in there. If we as tenants cannot keep our stuff in order (and make sure others do), I fail to see how it would be her fault
- nina should keep an eye on things (shes lives on the ground floor), not sure how shes does ?
- I know several tenants who have already left and nobody has had a problem with her deposit.

In short, sure it's not perfect but for me, it works (incl the internet...) - I like the place and the atmosphere - and it's close enough to walk to rue de la loi which is great.
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Re: LVI IMMO (23 Rue Traversiere)- A non-ending nightmare

on Thu Nov 15, 2012 6:16 pm
I lived in this house and I didn't see any "nightmare" as you say... everything worked fine and I had no problems with payments or deposit.

The company has its website where you can see the description of rooms, prices and photos.
The place is convinient and close to the metro station, and tram/bus stops. There are shops around and laundry.

Finally, I knew previous and current Housing manager - both of them were really helpful and were trying to do everything possible to ensure a nice stay for their client...
So, phil123 - your critical appeal looks too predetermined....I don't beleive it!
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Re: LVI IMMO (23 Rue Traversiere)- A non-ending nightmare

on Fri Nov 16, 2012 3:03 pm

I was staying in LVI IMMO apartment and I have completely different experience.
In fact I`m coming back this January! So happy abouth it!

I find the way they handle thinks very professional.
Always had an easy communication and my demands met without problems.
Again I myself am a respectful tenant and I have respect back from my landlords.
I can surley confirm that regarding housing costs in Bussels,
comfort and prise are at very good balance at LVI agency,
that`s why I`m coming back.

Also abouth the House management:
It happened I lost my keys two times, once it was 23h, Bella came to let me in.
She helped me around by providing some very useful info abouth Brussels aria.
Last week she bocked me in again and all is-and was-in order with my deposit,
I honestly don`t see what phil123 is talking about.

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Re: LVI IMMO (23 Rue Traversiere)- A non-ending nightmare

on Fri Nov 16, 2012 11:39 pm
Dear phil123, just for information: Housing manager is not the Landlord, she just works for Lviimmo and the company pays her a salary so I don't think she aims to fill her pocket by claiming that your room is dirty.
As for me I stayed 7 months in a room and I was very satisfied. Only at the beginning I had some problems with Internet thinking that it was a common problem but it was just my notebook configuration. And Bella helped me a lot, every time I needed her help she did her best to resolve it. I'm agree with magali88 - if people think that kitchen and toilet is the same thing that is people's problem, not really of the Housing manager. I had discussion several times with other tenants about cleaning the kitchen after themselves.
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Re: LVI IMMO (23 Rue Traversiere)- A non-ending nightmare

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