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LVI Immo: Accommodation for students, interns - STAY AWAY!

on Mon Jan 07, 2013 7:49 pm
Dear future interns and erasmus students,


As recent tenants at LVIMMO we would STRONGLY suggest you look elsewhere for accommodation for your time in Brussels. LVIMMO's management are highly dishonest and you will never see your deposit returned in full.

A fellow tenant once posted on this form and within a week there was a response saying how fantastic the management and the building is. LVIMMO have an office full of paid staff - is it hard to guess who is writing these excellent reviews??

We stayed at Rue Traversiere where management NEVER respond to your calls (even when there is no hot water or electricity!).

A friend of mine that left the building was told nothing when his room was inspected. When he returned to his home country weeks later he was told money was to be taken from the deposit for "cleaning". They are absolute bastards and the place is filthy for the money you pay.

So... come to Brussels a week or two early and find a private apartment, stay at a university residence, stay at Foyer Europeen, do anything! Just stay away from LVIMMO :-)
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Re: LVI Immo: Accommodation for students, interns - STAY AWAY!

on Tue Jan 08, 2013 9:33 am
sdss 1 message on LVIMMO is enough I will be deleting all the other posts, otherwise the forum will consist of nothing else but your complaints about this company. You had a bad experience, you shared it with everybody, it's enough i guess Smile
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Re: LVI Immo: Accommodation for students, interns - STAY AWAY!

on Thu Jan 24, 2013 1:40 am
I am staying with them right now at rue de la constitution and from my own experience there is no problem with that company. The room is pretty new with a new fridge , internet works, and nothing special to mention, except some guys leaving their mess in the central area but it's hard to blame someone in particular.

As for the post above it mentions a lot stuff like "we", "a friend of mine"," fellow tenant", "a recent tenant" but very short on facts - it sounds like a disgruntled tenant full of hot air who was kicked out for some reason. Personnally I visited the residence myself 2 weeks or so before moving and it was fine. I wish I had a larger room but I dont have the budget.

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Re: LVI Immo: Accommodation for students, interns - STAY AWAY!

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