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How to seek an suitable internship work

on Wed Apr 24, 2013 7:18 am
When you decide to intern, you should make sense in terms of both your academic work and your career plans. The knowledge you gain from your coursework may help you get an internship. If you wish to participate in a competitive internship program as a junior (i.e. the State Department, the investment banking industry, etc.) you may want to gain experience at a smaller organization as a freshman or sophomore to be a stronger candidate. Meet with a career counselor to discuss your internship strategy.

For summer internship abroad( ), it is best to start early. Because of visa and clearance issues, it will often take many months to process important documents. Therefore, deadlines for these internships will often be earlier than domestic ones.

There are another suggestions about how the summer internship goes. First, make a list. Figure out what you want to do as what I said above. Second, get creative. Never imagine your buds are hitting the beach. You can look into museums, art galleries, publishing houses, nature centers, eco-research centers. Third, hit the pavement. Hit the pavement. Online research for big companies and orgs is a great starting point, but walk around your city or town to see if any other places spark your interest. Be bold, if something looks interesting, walk in, ask for an application, or leave your info (including a resume) with them. Don’t forget to smile! Fourth, Get that resume in shape. a good start and a happy ending, a good resume can leave a deep impression on human resource. Fifth, spread your net to ensure you have plenty of choices. Last but not at the least, it is important to dress appropriately and remember simple things.
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