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 DG RTD - ECandidate and Aneena?

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PostSubject: DG RTD - ECandidate and Aneena?   Tue Sep 03, 2013 7:27 pm

Hi all,

I have applied for the March 2014 traineeship and found this forum with a lot of information, it's great!

What I have realised is that very few people mention the Research and Innovation (RTD) DG. So I wanted to ask, in particular to former trainees, (hence mentioning ECandidate and Aneena on the topic, hope you don't mind!) if there was any particular reason for that?

I mean, is it just a not so popular DG or does it not host traineeship positions at all? I guess my main question is do you know people that have been recruited for that DG, more specifically to the Directorates B, C, E or F?

It's just that I have quite a specific profile and I noticed from this forum that the waiting period is quite stressful and nerve-racking. So if this particular DG is not that big on recruiting trainees then it would be useful to know as it would make more sense to focus energies on other options Smile.

Thanks in advance!
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DG RTD - ECandidate and Aneena?
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