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For all past, present and future stagiaires doing their internship in the European institutions
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 International experiences - how much?

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PostSubject: International experiences - how much?   Tue Nov 05, 2013 5:22 pm

I would like to know how much of international experiences and language skills do you guys have? Personally, I worked in an international environment (but in my own country) and I participated in summer school abroad. But that's it! No Erasmus, no internships in international institutions...

I speak my mother tounge & three other EU languages, but just one on C level, other two more B1-B2 level. I fear that it's just not enough...

What about you? Do you know any previous trainees who did not have so many international experiences/language skills?
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PostSubject: Re: International experiences - how much?   Wed Nov 06, 2013 5:30 pm

Hello, @eeritrejaa, there are only two weeks left until the preselection results. I would say that you have waited so much already, that 2 more weeks will not matter that much Smile. So, try to change your mind and focus more on preparing your lobby efforts. If you ask, the universe will give Wink. If you think that you have some weak points, try to compensate them throught the lobby email you will send. Even if in the end you are not selected in the Blue Book this time (but I think you should keep on thinking positive Smile ), you wil not have spend too much time and you will have them for the following selections Wink.

Now, let's hold on Smile Smile Smile
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International experiences - how much?
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