Traineeships in Brussels and Luxemburg

For all past, present and future stagiaires doing their internship in the European institutions
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PostSubject: Education info   Wed Jan 15, 2014 5:52 pm

Hi guys,
here's a question that may seem dumb, but I think may be useful for some other applicants. In the application form I'm asked to insert my field of study and my specialization. After that I have to add 1 major subject, plus up to 3 main you know the difference between major and main subjects? Does the major subject correspond to the area of study of or to the title the thesis? In this last case, shouldn't the area of study of the major subject and of the main subject n. 1 be the same one? This partition of the university studies does not match with the Italian system, at least as far as law is concerned.
Thanks in advance for your kind answer.
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Education info
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