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Re: Any Late Selected?

on Tue Feb 11, 2014 10:31 am
@magdali - so will you be working in the Culture and Education DG ? What unit ?

@angelapia - my background is bilingual English/French. I also speak Irish. I've a Masters in International Relations. Lived/worked/studied in several European countries. I have work experience in thinktanks/NGOs. I founded a non-profit organisation.

So it sounds like a good profile but even so I didn't get chosen immediately and wasn't contacted by any of the DGs I lobbied. I reckon the only reason I eventually got offered a position was because their preferred candidate cancelled and so they did a BB search for two things: a native English speaker who already lives in Brussels (this way it would be more likely that I would be able to accept at such short notice).

I also think that were I to apply again I would play up any and all social media/web design/ communications skills because it seems more than anything that's what the Commission wants from its interns.

Hope that helps !
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Re: Any Late Selected?

on Tue Feb 11, 2014 10:34 am
To answer your questions:
1) I am Italian (which I know it does not help as we are the most!!)
2) I have a science background. I know it is difficult to understand why somebody with science background wants to work for EC but I really like how EC deals with science and I would like to learn more. Moreover, I have read many EC reports and it looks like there are many scientists working for the EC but I really do not understand how they have got there!!! I thought the traineeship was a way but.... Embarassed 

So guys
if you know more than me and  have some good advice or experience from past trainees you know personally I would be really happy to hear about...
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Re: Any Late Selected?

on Tue Feb 11, 2014 6:00 pm
@ angelapia:

Being italian makes your chances drop substantially, something about 1 every 60 italian applications will make it through. Competence is extremely high, specially when it comes to the 2500 pre-selected. From my point of view is quite important how many and which DGs you focus on, it is not the same having a general background than an specific one.

From my side, being spanish and interested just in DG DEVCO (I assume not more than 15 -20 trainees per session) makes things not easy as well. Its been the third time I applied, always got pre-selected, and finally for this session I got the late selection. Im a psychologist, holding 2 MA, lived in 6 countries, 5 languages, exchange programs, plus several internships and relevant professional experience abroad. Not a bad CV, but not that unique... not as to be sure about getting an apportunity in my preferred DG without struggling.

My recommendation: Dont give up, keep on trying twice a year and continue with your job and/or studies and other applications as a plan B. Check in the forum, you might figure it out how the selection procedure takes place in the DG/DGs of your interest (the famous to lobby or not to lobby topic)

Good luck, you never know when your preferred DG might contact you!
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Re: Any Late Selected?

on Fri Feb 14, 2014 1:05 pm

Don't give up, please! I am 100 % sure that you a worthy candidate but it also a matter of luck. There are a lot of stories how people applied several times and finally got their position. You don't know exactly how the selection process goes. I heard from my European friends that there are very different strategies of getting in. I think that any personal advice (like ''cheer up'') are not welcome on this forum but just don't overconcentrate on this. Relax, take it easy Very Happy  When you think of smth. too much, it may create some obstacles. Maybe you will be offered a better position. I hope so.

And wish you good luck, of course!)
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Re: Any Late Selected?

on Tue Feb 18, 2014 4:54 pm
I guess time for late selection is over!! Thank you guys for your support!! And let' s hope next selection will be the right one!!! Good luck!!! ,-)
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Re: Any Late Selected?

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