Traineeships in Brussels and Luxemburg

For all past, present and future stagiaires doing their internship in the European institutions
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 EESC Traineeship, anyone up for a house/flat share?

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PostSubject: EESC Traineeship, anyone up for a house/flat share?   Mon Jul 21, 2014 3:14 pm


I will be moving to Brussels in September to begin my 5 month traineeship with the EESC/
I'm Irish , currently living in London so finding somewhere to live online is proving difficult!

I am available to move a week or two before we begin and have a look for somewhere but I was hoping to move in with people doing the EESC traineeship too, so we could stroll to work and what not together! My budget is 500 max including bills. Obviously the closer to the EESC the better but I've been living in London for 4 years so I am well used to traveling hah.

If anyone is interested or knows the inside scoop on how it all works in Brussels, so far it's looking rather difficult, please get in touch.

Also congrats to everyone who got in!  Very Happy 

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PostSubject: Re: EESC Traineeship, anyone up for a house/flat share?   Wed Aug 06, 2014 3:48 am

Dear friends and future colleagues,

Shoot me a message in case you have a vacant room from September 15. I will be working as a trainee at the EESC.

Thank you and congratulations!
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EESC Traineeship, anyone up for a house/flat share?
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