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on Mon Dec 14, 2015 10:40 pm
I've had a few emails and calls Smile I first had a phone call on the 4th December from DG EAC unit C4 (social media team), then a call from EACEA unit A1 (Erasmus +) the day after, then yesterday I heard from the ERCEA (European research) to organise a phone call which happened this morning, and then this evening I had a call from the interpreting DG. I had a few missed calls over the past few days so was worried I'd missed a chance but if they like you they will contact you again. The phone calls consisted of them explaining what their unit does, what the trainee would be responsible for and whether I was interested and available. The interpreting lady asked me to speak in French for a little bit and asked about my education and work experience, but nothing too extensive, and the ERCEA call was from a staff member and the current trainee, so I could ask her questions about it too. Everyone has seemed nice and friendly so far. I asked about how the process works and even they seem slightly unsure, but I'll try to explain what I've gathered in case you are wondering.

The DGs/units taking trainees look through the blue book and shortlist 5 trainees they like the sound of. They then phone/email them to check they're interested, available, ask a few more questions etc. to get an idea of what you're like. They then submit 3 favourite candidates to the EAC DG who organise the traineeship, and it's them who decide which offers to send to which candidates. So if you are shortlisted by more than one unit, the EAC DG decide which one to send to you. If you have been contacted by a unit you really like the sound of but then don't receive an offer for that one, you can email back to the EAC DG stating your preference for that traineeship, but there's no guarantee you can have it as it may have been offered to someone else. That's what I've gathered by what I've been told during the phone calls, but like I said even they didn't seem certain, and that might not be the case for every unit. They also said we probably won't hear for another couple of weeks so we've got some waiting to do!

Don't despair if you haven't heard anything yet, like I said I only heard from some today and it seems the process is still ongoing. Good luck to everyone and I hope I've clarified some things Smile
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on Mon Dec 14, 2015 11:07 pm
Big thanks rk93!!!! SmileSmileSmile
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